INCOME65: Your Path to a Sustainable Retirement Income

Canada is undergoing a profound change. Over the next twenty years, 10 million baby boomers will retire.  This is the single largest generation in history leaving the workforce and we have yet to witness the far reaching impacts this will have on their finances, as well as government finances and the economy. 

Many fail to plan for the challenges and multiple risks associated with this demographic shift.  However, there are also certain opportunities that should also be explored. 

Without a proper plan, retirees are subjecting themselves to the largest risk of all. 

INCOME65 is our proprietary process designed by Lysnes Magreehan Wealth Management specifically for clients approaching retirement and who are already retired.  Important issues such as risk management, pension and sustainable income planning, tax strategies, tax credits and understanding income splitting are just some key items we address.  

Our INCOME65 process is thorough and aimed at reducing risk for retirees while creating sustainable retirement income through a customized INCOME65 plan. 

Interested in how INCOME65 can help you achieve your retirement goals?  Contact us today.