After a thorough discussion of your needs and goals, we will explain your account options, and will provide you with our recommendations as to what option best fits your situation. You will find our fee structure very fair, fully transparent, and suited to your personal circumstances.  Below are our two basic account structures.

1. Our All-Inclusive Model: 

Our All-Inclusive Model gives clients the freedom to pursue investment goals without being concerned with transaction costs on every trade. This model appeals to clients who value the traditional full-service approach, but wish to incur a set fee that is tied to account “value”, and not account “activity”.  Together with a comprehensive personalized financial plan, your investment portfolio is routinely monitored and can be traded and rebalanced without incurring additional costs. One simple, fully-transparent fee, based on the value of your account, covers it all.

For non-registered investment accounts, our all-inclusive fee is tax-deductible.  From our years of experience, you will find our fees are lower than the embedded fees charged on mutual fund investments. 

2. Our Transactional Model:

Our Transactional Model is designed to charge a fee on transactions as they occur, i.e. on account activity.  From our experience, we believe our fee structure is very fair and competitive. Our goal is to explore and educate you as to which option we feel is best-suited for you.